TOP 50 wineries EX – YU

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TOP 50 wineries EX – YU

TOP 50 wineries EX – YU

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Top 50 Ex-Yu Wineries, in which the Wine Style magazine presents the best wineries from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, of its own choice.

The regions are presented in geographical order, starting from the west with Slovenia, all the way down to Macedonia, whereas the order of the wineries is determined by their regions.

BlackBox task was to develop creative – visual concept and identity for a exclusive publication which presents the best wineries in the region. Inspiration came from colors. “Color: what a deep and mysterious language!” By creating innovative and original design we have achieved visual harmonization complemented by elegant typography, as well as photography emerging as a major element of creative concept.

Services: Visual concept identity development. Art direction. Book design.
Client: Special Press